Friday, November 30

Big apologies

OK, going to start straight in with this one and beg for your forgiveness as I have unwittingly been a big tease. I had an e-mail this morning to say that my gift was personal and private, of course I must respect the senders wishes. Sorry, sorry, it was good too, some stuff I haven't seen in the UK! Thank you sender it was much appreciated.

Moving along, the HS:MS texture of the day is 'soft'. Was going to look at soft as in daft but the dog wasn't co-operating so here is something far more predictable.
One promise from yesterday that I can keep, here is Small-N-Grubby pleased as punch with his advent calendar.
Off to do more photo editing.

** Kate **

Thursday, November 29


Today's Hs:Ms texture is 'bristles', but mine aren't too spikey. Had a really great day yesterday. I'm going to miss my days out with my youngest he is so well behaved and a joy to take anywhere - I wonder how long that will last!! Got loads of Christmas shopping done once I'd convinced my mum that I didn't care if she thought something might be cheaper in Woolworths - if it was there and not too over priced I was buying it.

I got some of those little jars of conserves for teachers presents - I know I was supposed to be making things but it just wasn't going to happen. Also found 3 other main presents for people and numerous mini pressies, so feeling very chuffed.

Small-N-Grubby was very entertaining. We met a lady who was there on her 85th birthday to which he said "The lady's older than you Grandma!".
Mum took him to look as advent calendars and said they were all horrible (she still hadn't got the idea of the day at this point), so I went back over and said "look there's Santa, a Christmas tree or people skating, which would you like?" to which Small-n-Grubby replied in true Little Britain style "want that one" and pointed to one with an old painting on it of Mary and Jesus being visited by the 3 wise men. Bless him, he's soooo cute. Will get him to hold it up for a pic when he gets back from school.

Came home exhausted and once I got the Dinky Diva to ballet I collapsed on the bed and didn't wake up until 8pm. (Don't worry SMO picked her up)
I'm a bit concerned as I have a really long day out coming up to celebrate my sister's wedding (she got married abroad) and if I haven't regained my energy by then I just don't think I will make it through an entire afternoon and evening.

My surprise package had been cleared by Stansted and is on the delivery van, so I should get it some time this pm, wahoo.

** Kate **

***** Edit - the surprise is already here, but it has a Christmas gift tag on - do I open it or save it!?!?!? *****

Wednesday, November 28


The HS:MS texture of the day is 'smooth'.
Not much to say about that really, didn't even have to caption the photo.

Enquiring minds want to know what's in my parcel from the States but it's a surprise gift so I won't be able to say until it gets here (how excitin!g), can say that it is currently in Memphis, next stop Stansted.

Will revue the BasicGrey files once I've had a chance to use them, but they feel like the business.

Off to make an extensive shopping list ready for today's outing.

** Kate **

Tuesday, November 27


When I was buying supplies to make Christmas pressies with the other day these little babies jumped into my virtual shopping basket. Just right for the HS:MS texture of the day 'rough'.
Just in case you don't know they are a set of BasicGrey precision files to make my chipboard creations (among other things) look neat to perfection.

Just had a Fedex notice of a surprise parcel coming my way from the states - definitely something to look forward to.

Did lots of planning yesterday but never actually got around to making anything!

Today I realise I have two lots of photos waiting to be edited so not much chance of paper crafts today.

** Kate **

Monday, November 26


It's certainly how today looks like it will turn out. HS:MS this week is looking at the theme of textures and today is 'wet'.
Feeling better off and on but so much to do when I do feel ok the blog is taking a bit of a back seat. Have a Christmas fair to do on Saturday but I'm seriously thinking I haven't the time to get sorted out and go. (It's at Small-N-Grubby's school so I can make a donation and I already have someone who wants my space!).

Have got very little done towards my Christmas preparations but I'm due to go to a big garden centre/Christmas shop on Wednesday so I think I will have to splash out and get as much as I can there.

** Kate **

Wednesday, November 21


I love the challenges on Her Space:My Space. They really make you think about photo subjects you may never have thought of before.

A narrow passageway between or behind houses. Show us an 'alley' in your space today.

Thinking about it I'm sure there are some great pictures to be had near me if I just went out and took a walk rather than travelling from A to B with my head in switched off mode. However, I just can't fit it into my plans for the day, but it does remind me that a few months ago I did say I would go out once a week for a photography wander.

So today has to be a cheat. I had no between or behind house alleyways in my back catalogue but I did find this.
An alleyway of flags. Small-N-Grubby spent ages running in and out of them. He had so much fun we went back at the weekend with the Dinky Diva to show them to her, but they were gone.

Off to be creative, I think it's about time.

** Kate **

Tuesday, November 20

Gold Fever

The DCM challenge on Friday was to use a bit of gold on your card. Well, blame my illness but I went a bit mad. Gold card, gold embossing, gold peel-off. It even comes with a gold envelope!!
Have done a bit of internet Christmas shopping at the weekend. Ordered a set of grungy papers, stickers and rub-ons that I think I will be able to make at least 5 people presents from. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share until after Christmas.

Thinking about my own Christmas shopping now, do I order a cuttlebug??

** Kate **

Monday, November 19

Sort of back

Was going to start back with Her Space : My Space today but as there isn't one I won't.

Feeling much better, so much in fact I have had no excuse to get out of the school runs and got soaked today.

Off to sort out my blog withdrawal, I haven't read any for a week.

** Kate **

Tuesday, November 13


no voice at all today, spent the day in bed. Back to blogging as soon as I can.

** Kate **

Monday, November 12


Not quite or very nearly, show us 'almost' in your space.

Almost asleep?
I think by the time I had fetched the camera there wasn't anything 'almost' about it!

I guess my immune system must be really down at the moment as I have now gone and picked up a cold and sore throat. A sore throat is always the first sign that I am getting a bit run down.

Haven't had much enthusiasm for crafting. Off to make a hot Ribena and see if I can find some inspiration from somewhere.

** Kate **

Sunday, November 11

Show Off Sunday

HS:MS sos. The party season is coming up and if you need a refresher on the moves for Agadoo I know a young man who can help you.
Did a mini photo shoot yesterday which I can't share as it's a Christmas Surprise and made some Christmas pressies that I also can't share. So that's about it really!

** Kate **

Friday, November 9

Felt Bag

Here's the little felt bag I bought at Hobbycraft. Really enjoyed decorating it, made a change not to have paper as an option.
Wish I'd got a couple more of these as well as the buckets. Yes, I know I should get the sewing machine out but I'm being lazy and just want to do the fun decorating bit.

** Kate **

Thursday, November 8

I am a page 3 girl!!!

Ok, big blog today lots of news.

Before your minds wander to thoughts like "not at her age surely" and "oh no, not readers wives" let me assure you I am fully clothed and it is in fact a craft mag. Although SMO finds it quite amusing to be dating a page 3 girl, I am now officially a cricket WAG.

I have finally got my hands on a copy of Papercraft Essentials 23 and the card I designed for them is in an article starting on page 30. I was looking through the rest of the magazine yesterday evening and was surprised to see my well proportioned features, hmmm, on page 3 together with a little profile of me! Every interesting fact I could think of about myself is there (which is why I couldn't think of anything else for the tags recently!). Why on earth did I choose that picture, if you could see me know I would be grinning from ear to ear, I am well chuffed.

Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.

A bit stuck for this one, the dog was looking very anxious about the new kitchen heater but a bit cruel to photograph her, so I came up with this. (sorry couldn't find a knitted monkee).
If you were a chicken hanging by a wing and a prayer perhaps terrified would be a better description.

Yesterday, the trip. A little sad as two of the usual 4 couldn't make it. Small-N-Grubby was at school and my mum felt too under the weather to join us. My sister and I did miss them, but we have hatched a plan to take them to a Christmasie garden centre in a couple of week's time.
Yesterday's HS:MS shows last year's animatronic display. Here's this year's - fairies (badly in need of a hairdresser) trying to force feed a reindeer with carrots, who turns his head away when they get near him!
I was very good and bought the things on my list apart from one treat to myself - a pad of Amy Butler K&Co paper. Used it as a background this morning to photograph some new jewellery.
Bought lots of beads and some lovely glass pendants for lots more jewellery making. Between us we got quite a few presents which I can't really detail here. One is a bag that I'm going to alter, might sneak that on here when its done I don't think the recipient will see.

One of the things on the list was little metal buckets to decorate with my Crop-O-Dile. Picked one up and thought no way will it work on this the metal is too thick. Couldn't resist having a play last night and of course the good old crop went through it one-handed like butter. Wish I'd bought more now! Here it is decorated with bits from my new Brenda Pinnick kit that finally arrived.
I think it will probably end up a teacher's present with some smellies inside.

Still with me?? DCM little Extra this week is Snowmen and Snowflakes so also using my Brenda Pinnick kit I made this.
Wow, a busy and very good day.

** Kate **

Wednesday, November 7


This is something we can be almost everyday. But can you capture confused through your lens?

Has anyone seen a bear?
OK, so I cheated, this is from last year's annual trip to Haskins/Hobbycraft. Details of the this year's trip tomorrow.

** Kate **

Tuesday, November 6

Challenge Catch-up

After my busy cropping weekend I have a few challenges to catch-up on.

Sad (Monday's)
This week we are going to focus on emotions. We prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can not to use a human face to reflect that emotion. For instance - Sad. A dying plant, a messy corner, mucky windows (we all have them at one point!)

Smo had a good idea for this one but it meant nipping out this morning and I desperately want to wait in for my parcels. (I know they don't come if you wait in, but if you go out a beacon goes off on your roof and delivery vans flock to your door). So instead here is a picture of my sad, poorly bathroom sink.
Excited (today's prompt)
One of the most happiest of emotions. Whats exciting through your lens?

I did have some chocolate but I've eaten it and empty choc wrappers aren't that exciting, are they? Also the fan heater for my kitchen has arrived and I am sat here typing and getting toasty. Although it does say to give 1.5m clearance on all sides - how big do they think my kitchen is? That's left me with my third exciting thing of today.
Yep, she's making a list, she's checking it twice, Hobbycraft is coming to town! Well it's not actually I'm going to Hobbycraft but you get the idea. My list is very long, but I'm determined to try to get things I've been wanting for ages and avert my eyes from the bargain bins.

DCM from Friday next.
and CUT! Any theme goes, so for those of you needing a break from Christmas crafting this is the perfect opportunity to have a change. All styles are welcome but there MUST be an element of handcutting somewhere.
Cut the card by hand using a WS template and finished with Autumn Leaves stamps, sticky jewels and a tiny prima.

I think that's me just about caught up now.

** Kate **

Monday, November 5


I love being in the Fiskateers, which you will probably have gathered from the number of times I mention them. A great weekend crop has just ended and yesterday I had an entry published on their blog here, which I'm very proud of.

Here are a couple of pictures of the project I made for the event.
All made from Heidi Grace products.

I had some great comments from those who read the article and I'm altogether thoroughly chuffed.
Managed to participate in another of the weekend's challenges. This time to make a stamping project. Due to lack of spare time I had to go with a card rather than anything more elaborate (I'd hoped to get time for a mini book!)
Very excited as I have my retail therapy parcels due and my postponed trip to Hobbycraft looks like it is on for Wednesday. Yipee!

** Kate **

Sunday, November 4


OK so I have been tagged 3 times by Bobs, Bambi and Janice.
I'm going to conveniently ignore the fact that all the tags weren't the same (I've already had a half-hearted attempt at the 7 facts, thanks Hazel) and I'm going to go with Janice's as I haven't had this one before.

1. If you could have £100 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?

I would go for 12x12 card, I never have enough of it.

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons, which would you choose?

No contest would be stamps every time, and once a rubon gone its gone, stamps can last for ever!

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do?

Actually not a difficult choice, I would go for layouts which I would take to include little minibooks too which I could use instead of cards.

4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home...(can't have both he he he)

Again no contest, a scrapping room for me. Of course it would be big enough for me to do demos and classes in!

5. And last but not least, what is your CURRENT cardmaking or scrapping style.

Always felt I didn't have a real style, I like trying out new techiques and looks. I have recently got a real kick out of the paper piecing technique and i think i will be using that a lot more. I've just entered a competition using a new hand-cut design I made.

Well now I have to nominate 2 more people and that's really easy Bobs and Bambi coming right back your way. Mwahahaha.

** Kate **

Saturday, November 3

Local Flavour

This was the theme for one of the challenges at the Fiskateers big on-line crop this weekend (link on the right). I've done a double page spread with the photos taken at the town fair in October.
I've discovered that the annual fairs were started in 1227 by Henry III, so they have been around for a good few hundred years.

Off to see if I have time to complete another challenge.

** Kate **

Friday, November 2


Another late blog from me today, maybe I'm not back into the routine like I thought!

Is there a little corner tucked away for your escape? Do you have a favourite plant or some garden furniture that you are fond of? Share with us you favourite garden shot.

Its been a kind of warm, damp day today. So no frosted cobwebs or crunchy fallen leaves and definitely nothing to photograph in my garden! A bit of a cheat then, took this photo a few weeks ago before the berries started to turn red.
Some while ago Papercraft Essentials invited readers to send in a couple of cards demonstrating their work for a chance to be in a reader panel. I was over the moon to discover I had been successful. Here are the cards I sent in.
My first (and only!) card commissioned by them should be in the next issue (#23). Hopefully I will be asked to do something else but I haven't heard anything yet.

Still working on the one layout for Fiskateers, its really not going according to plan. Have to have it done for tomorrow to meet the competition deadline, so I'd better get on with it.

** Kate **

Thursday, November 1

Fridge and DCM Little Extra

Right computer working marginally faster this morning and e-mail now working, so here goes.

Inside or out - what is your fridge like? What does it say about you? Show us!

This has to possibly be the most uninteresting picture of my home yet. Lots of foods for a gluten free diet, that's probably what it says about me.
This week's DCM little extra is a recipe. 4 eyelets, 3 circles, 2 rectangles and lots of ribbon. Here's my card.
It started out as a totally different shaped card and then I made one of the folds wrong and had to abandon it and this was the end result.

Feeling a little better today, but easing back into the routine as slowly as I can get away with! My retail therapy on Tuesday involved QVC, I really shouldn't watch if I can't resist. They has a Christmas version of the Brenda Pinnick TSV. I just couldn't let it go. I use the everyday version so much particularly on altered projects. Ordered a pack of stamps as well, with images of architectural gates which I thought looked a bit different. Can't wait for it all to arrive now.

This weekend I will be turning my attention more towards scrapbooking as the Fisk-A-Teers have an major on-line crop going on. I will be updating my projects on here as I go. Off to get started by scrapping the photos I took at the fair.

** Kate **