Monday, November 26


It's certainly how today looks like it will turn out. HS:MS this week is looking at the theme of textures and today is 'wet'.
Feeling better off and on but so much to do when I do feel ok the blog is taking a bit of a back seat. Have a Christmas fair to do on Saturday but I'm seriously thinking I haven't the time to get sorted out and go. (It's at Small-N-Grubby's school so I can make a donation and I already have someone who wants my space!).

Have got very little done towards my Christmas preparations but I'm due to go to a big garden centre/Christmas shop on Wednesday so I think I will have to splash out and get as much as I can there.

** Kate **


SuzyB said...

Ooh thats a good one, very clever. Dont you just love garden centres at Christmas, such life savers!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great take on the word. Nice photo!

Sue Nicholson said...

Ah . . . love it . . . was just thinking about my new emery board for tomorrows "rough" post :-) Great minds think alike . . . well nearly !

It's hard to blog along with everything else, it takes quite some time to take and sort the photos then type in the text. Think everyone is begining to feel the pressure as December approaches.

Have a brilliant day on Wednesday. Think positive . . .I started Friday and going great guns at the moment. If I can you can.

Bye for now . . .Sue

Bambi said...

nice color (^_^)

Bobs said...

Fab take on today's word! I'm a lifelong nailbiter so I can't wear nail varnish.

Hope you feel ALL better very soon.

Take care xx

Rachael said...

Nice colour and lovely nails. x