Thursday, November 8

I am a page 3 girl!!!

Ok, big blog today lots of news.

Before your minds wander to thoughts like "not at her age surely" and "oh no, not readers wives" let me assure you I am fully clothed and it is in fact a craft mag. Although SMO finds it quite amusing to be dating a page 3 girl, I am now officially a cricket WAG.

I have finally got my hands on a copy of Papercraft Essentials 23 and the card I designed for them is in an article starting on page 30. I was looking through the rest of the magazine yesterday evening and was surprised to see my well proportioned features, hmmm, on page 3 together with a little profile of me! Every interesting fact I could think of about myself is there (which is why I couldn't think of anything else for the tags recently!). Why on earth did I choose that picture, if you could see me know I would be grinning from ear to ear, I am well chuffed.

Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.

A bit stuck for this one, the dog was looking very anxious about the new kitchen heater but a bit cruel to photograph her, so I came up with this. (sorry couldn't find a knitted monkee).
If you were a chicken hanging by a wing and a prayer perhaps terrified would be a better description.

Yesterday, the trip. A little sad as two of the usual 4 couldn't make it. Small-N-Grubby was at school and my mum felt too under the weather to join us. My sister and I did miss them, but we have hatched a plan to take them to a Christmasie garden centre in a couple of week's time.
Yesterday's HS:MS shows last year's animatronic display. Here's this year's - fairies (badly in need of a hairdresser) trying to force feed a reindeer with carrots, who turns his head away when they get near him!
I was very good and bought the things on my list apart from one treat to myself - a pad of Amy Butler K&Co paper. Used it as a background this morning to photograph some new jewellery.
Bought lots of beads and some lovely glass pendants for lots more jewellery making. Between us we got quite a few presents which I can't really detail here. One is a bag that I'm going to alter, might sneak that on here when its done I don't think the recipient will see.

One of the things on the list was little metal buckets to decorate with my Crop-O-Dile. Picked one up and thought no way will it work on this the metal is too thick. Couldn't resist having a play last night and of course the good old crop went through it one-handed like butter. Wish I'd bought more now! Here it is decorated with bits from my new Brenda Pinnick kit that finally arrived.
I think it will probably end up a teacher's present with some smellies inside.

Still with me?? DCM little Extra this week is Snowmen and Snowflakes so also using my Brenda Pinnick kit I made this.
Wow, a busy and very good day.

** Kate **


Sandy said...

Wow its so wonderful Card.

amandamagpie said...

Wow, that is a lot of news today, Kate. Congrats on your page 3 debut! Love the tribute to Monkee Maker and the Amy Butler paper is gorgeous. x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your page 3 debut,! Great card, I love Brenda Pinnick. Terrie B x

Bobs said...

Whit whooooo for you!!! Well done!

Love the 'anxious' pic. lol

Hazel said...

Love everything you've shared. Congrats on your magazine appearance - I must look out for the mag.

Farmersgirl said...

Well done for your page 3, Kate. Will have to go and buy it now - what hardship! You have certainly been busy - love the little bucket.


Rein said...


Caz said...

If I was the chicken I would be anxious too...fab pic.

esther said...

wow you have been a busy busy bee! Glad you had a good day. and lots of exciting news. My hubby plays for a small team called the 39ers, not part of a league, mainly made up of the men from church.

Jenga said...

LOL to anxious! Love all your craft projects :)

Andrea said...

Fab card, that kit looks lovely wish I'd gone for it now

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Lovey creation from the Brenda Pinnick kit and congrats on your page 3!

Juliet said...

Well done you! Love the snowman card.

Paula said...

Great news Kate, though I have to admit right now I rarely pick that mag up. I tend to only get them if I like the cover contents as the freebies are often rubbish (I have 100's of fonts on my computer) & my budget is so tight living on my own!
I love your photos & gorgeous card.
You should make a minibook of all your pics.

Kathy said...

what a great post kate and ehat a fabby haul of "makes"