Friday, November 30

Big apologies

OK, going to start straight in with this one and beg for your forgiveness as I have unwittingly been a big tease. I had an e-mail this morning to say that my gift was personal and private, of course I must respect the senders wishes. Sorry, sorry, it was good too, some stuff I haven't seen in the UK! Thank you sender it was much appreciated.

Moving along, the HS:MS texture of the day is 'soft'. Was going to look at soft as in daft but the dog wasn't co-operating so here is something far more predictable.
One promise from yesterday that I can keep, here is Small-N-Grubby pleased as punch with his advent calendar.
Off to do more photo editing.

** Kate **


Rachael said...

Lovely soft and I like your bristles from yesterday too. Grubby's so very cute. x

Linda said...

love the soft picture, reminds me of my DD when she was younger, she had an enormous collection of soft toys! Love the advent calendar too!

Jen said...

aw, cute ted!

Bobs said...

I was sooo loking forward to finding out what was in your parcel too! lol

Love your 'soft' pic. He looks so soft and cuddly.

Fab shot of the wee man and his advent calendar too. :)

Bambi said...

what a very huggable teddy (^_^)

maz said...

LOL about the parcel, never mind eh! Great soft.

Aubrey Harns said...

Glad you enjoyed your package! Wonderful shot shot. & My son also always loved getting that advent calendar!

Caz said...

Teddy looks sooo soft and Small-n-Grubby looks soooo cute.

SuzyB said...

Oh oh big tease. Course you could just whisper to me and I wont tell :o)

That ted looks extra soft and Im liking the look of your posh make up from yesterday!

Hazel said...

What a cherub he is! Love the soft photo.