I love the challenges on Her Space:My Space. They really make you think about photo subjects you may never have thought of before.

A narrow passageway between or behind houses. Show us an 'alley' in your space today.

Thinking about it I'm sure there are some great pictures to be had near me if I just went out and took a walk rather than travelling from A to B with my head in switched off mode. However, I just can't fit it into my plans for the day, but it does remind me that a few months ago I did say I would go out once a week for a photography wander.

So today has to be a cheat. I had no between or behind house alleyways in my back catalogue but I did find this.
An alleyway of flags. Small-N-Grubby spent ages running in and out of them. He had so much fun we went back at the weekend with the Dinky Diva to show them to her, but they were gone.

Off to be creative, I think it's about time.

** Kate **


Rachael said…
Great, colourful take on the word. Nice to have you back. x
Hazel said…
Great shot, Kate - good thinking for the prompt.
SuzyB said…
Defintely the prettiest alley out of the lot of them :o)

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