Tuesday, November 27


When I was buying supplies to make Christmas pressies with the other day these little babies jumped into my virtual shopping basket. Just right for the HS:MS texture of the day 'rough'.
Just in case you don't know they are a set of BasicGrey precision files to make my chipboard creations (among other things) look neat to perfection.

Just had a Fedex notice of a surprise parcel coming my way from the states - definitely something to look forward to.

Did lots of planning yesterday but never actually got around to making anything!

Today I realise I have two lots of photos waiting to be edited so not much chance of paper crafts today.

** Kate **


SuzyB said...

Smashing photo, are they any good?
Oooh package from the states now that is exciting news - anything good?

Bobs said...

Cor - I wish I had an exciting parcel coming from the good ole US of A!

Love your shot of the file - lovely and sharp where it needs to be (the photo, not the file! lol)

amandamagpie said...

That's a great shot, Kate, I love the contrasting black and white. x

maz said...

Why haven't I got any of these? I NEED some now! Great photo too.

Hazel said...

Cool shot! I know what you mean about never actually getting around to making anything - that's been me for the last few days.