Tuesday, March 17


Sounds a bit depressing and to be honest I am not exactly full of the joys of spring. The weather is lovely again and I had a full day planned, until Small-N-Grubby got up this morning and announced he was ill. Turned out he is poorly, so I now have to stay in all day with him. He's got cabin fever and I've got it too!!

So my only attempt at any of my planned activities for the day is my shot for HS:MS:HS - 'Decay'.

** Kate **


Sarah said...

great shot! it looks great with the green nice apples in the background

Hope your son feels better soon

Anonymous said...

Fab shot - I agree, it looks great with the green apples.

Hope he's better soon - its always this time of year for me, mine are off too with fever and coughs.

Vanessa. :)

Photographing Mom said...

Wonderful photo!

canadacole said...

Great photo! The green really sets off the red (and the decay) perfectly.

Aubrey Harns said...

Wonderful contrast of colors. I thought of pulling something out of my fridge - but decided noone deserved that kind of torture! :)

Chris T said...

Great decay!