Tuft and Temperature

Had a couple of sleepless nights with the Supreme Commander - new teeth coming I think - so I haven't done much blogging/crafting over the last couple of days.

Had breakfast at Waitrose on Sunday after the older 2 went swimming with SMO.

Took this picture which I am using to illustrate today's HS:MS:HS prompt 'Tuft'.
He still has a bit of a mohawk going on! He also has a little bruise on his cheek, bless him, where he pulled himself up on a stool that promptly fell on top of him.

Here's the other 2 at breakfast. The Dinky Diva with an 'Innocent' smoothie moustache.
And the Small-N-Grubby one looking reasonably clean but I suppose the swimming pool helped with that!
Took this one for Monday's HS:MS:HS 'Temperature' and then didn't get time to post it.
** Kate **


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