Saturday, March 14

Family Fun

Portraits for Saturday.
Kids are playing in the garden in beautiful sunshine right now. Branston has had a little go on a few things and is now busy chucking things out of his highchair. He isn't the pickle of the day though. The dog has that title. Small-N-Grubby just asked me where she was as all was quiet, she doesn't do quiet when the kids are out playing. After checking every corner and hidey hole in the garden we eventually found her in the living room troughing her way through a packet of hot cross buns!

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Great photos!!!

Sarah said...

fun and great photos :)

Rach said...

lol at the dog. x

canadacole said...

Oops! Bad dog!

Good shots though! Nice to see everyone out having fun...we're still waiting for the snow to go away.

Chris T said...

Nice shots & lol at the dog too!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots of the kiddos. They look like they had a fun time playing.