Thursday, March 19

It's Spring!

Yes, spring is definitely here. Took this photo in the garden this morning for today's HS:MS:HS - 'Shadow'.
As usual mum's flowers are far more impressive, took these shots yesterday afternoon.
Got myself one of these Papermania ATC folders.
They officially hold 72 cards but you could double them up. What I like is that they made them big enough to fit the ATC envelopes in too.

Was really pleased with my butterfly tag the other day so I made a couple of ATCs with the same technique.
Off to the Dinky Diva's parents evening tonight. Not expecting any surprises, but as we (and a few other parents) had a run in with this teacher at the start of the year I'm ready for anything!

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Hope parents evening goes well. Lovely ATCs and gorgeous spring photos x

Photographing Mom said...

Ahh!! Lovely shadows of spring!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Fantastic photos today - loved 'em all.

canadacole said...

Lovely shadows and blooms. So nice to see!