Friday, March 27


Very disappointed with my raid on the local charity shops. Came home with one toy and a few books, hardly worth the bother. Might look in a few more tomorrow as I ran out of time today. Probably need to get myself to a bootsale for some garden toys but I don't think they have really started up yet - too cold!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Protect'.
Not really sure who is being protected from who here!

Had no time for crafting the last few days so I hope to make up for that at the weekend.

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Great shot. Love the look on the dogs face!!

Moreen (aka Armenime) said...

Two cuties. Lovely photo.

Aubrey Harns said...

That's a precious shot! Well done.

Sarah said...

ohh that´s a cute photo :)

Chris T said...

Great shot.