Monday, September 22

A handbag full of chocolates

Today's HS:MS is 'Delicious' and what could be more delicious than a handbag full of chocolates.
No time to blog yesterday as we were at a christening. With SMO having Godfather duties and me juggling a baby plus the other 2 I seemed to spend the whole day a step behind everyone else. I missed the photos at the font, didn't get a pic of the cake before it got chopped up and plenty of older family members were leaving before I had a chance to persuade them to pose for a few shots.

Here are a few of my gang from the day, they were always on hand for photos.

SMO is cool Godfather mode.
Small-N-Grubby with 'W' the man of the day.
And of course the Supreme Commander was there too. He was grumpy, didn't like his outfit, had a big scratch on his head that shows in all the photos and wouldn't smile not even once.
Small-N-Grubby always likes to have a go with the camera. I love his style, there are no inhibitions he just snaps away trying every angle.
But at the end of the day he was worn out!

** Kate **


Kathy said...

awwww cute pics Kate!

and just look at that blue sky!

Hazel said...

Super pictures - and great 'delicious'!

Chris T said...

Small & Grubby has a definite eye for photos - budding photographer there I'm sure - love the reflection in the glasses

lucy said...

um favorite!

Cheyne said...

Chocolate! Yum!!

Cute kiddos you've got.

Sue Nicholson said...

Delicious Per Una bag you have there containing a delicious selection of chocolate goodies.

Great shots :-)