Wednesday, September 17


Today at HS:MS things are getting 'Juicy'. I treated myself to one of these today which I haven't had in years. They have taken all the artificial bits out of it, leaving it quite juicy (but it doesn't taste as good as I remember).
Am feeling quite pleased with myself as I walked the children to school this morning (as always) and then went to town, did my shopping and was heading home by 10am. Also managed to come out of the Post Office shop with no craft items as they didn't have either item I wanted. How virtuous am I??

Rainbows started back on Friday and I got them making cards for a Macmillan coffee morning this Friday. So that they could mass produce them, I pre-cut papers in varying sizes and then let them loose with stickers and embellishments. The results were really great.
I have bought enough to cover birthdays for the rest of the year, now I will be able to concentrate on all the other projects I have planned.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Well done rainbows and you too. I used to love Tizer - haven't had any for years.

Shannon said...

Have no idea what that drink is but taking your word on the juicy part.
As for walking the children to school, had images of Slummy Mummy running through my mind! Thanks for the giggle.

Igotmebabe said...

Not had Tizer for years either, great shot. Can people really do all that before 10 am :)

Cheyne said...

Creative take on juicy!