Thursday, September 25


HS:MS 'Stack'. Chocolate Hay-Stacks!
I have a stack of things to do and the days are really just getting away from me. I need to give something up but there is nothing I really want to - except perhaps getting up in the night for one or other of the children. The other night I was up at 12am, 3am, 5am and 7am but not all for the same child! Something has to give and it may well be my sanity.

Resisted the Bind-it-all machine and ordered some materials to make mini books/albums using book rings etc to see if I really would miss having the professional machine. Now I have received an e-mail to say that QVC will feature the Bind-it-all on 30 September so I will wait to see what price/package they will offer.

Hazel is celebrating 20000 hits on her site with some goodies, so have a visit and play along.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Thanks for your comment and for linking me. What a delicious stack!

Diana said...

these are so tempting!!! lovely subject
Di X

Anonymous said...

Your #2 with tempting treats for a stack. Great photo, too, and you're making me hungry for all the wrong things!

Cheyne said...

great stacks!

Hugs for the sleepless nights. They do get easier, not saying they still aren't up in the middle of the night, they just won't always need Mum.

Chris T said...

Another yummy stack - just as well you can't gain calories just by looking. Nice shot