Monday, September 29


HS:MS is having a make over, 9 days to go until some new challenges. Until then today's prompt is 'Landmark'.

This is about all I could find in my photo files. Makes me realise just how little I have been out and about in the last year.
I've finally started my Christmas crafting, just have to dig some ribbon out of the back of the wardrobe and then I will put some photos up. I would have one of those blog countdowns but it would panic me every time I went into my blog and I suppose it's a little early for most people.

Spent some time this morning tidying my photo files, a job that has needed doing for ages, glad to have got it out of the way.

** Kate **


Jolanda said...

Great picture!

Igotmebabe said...

Nice shot for todays prompt

Chris T said...

Nice landmark but where is it ? I'm not very good at recognising cathedrals

Cheyne said...

Would love to see that in person. Christmas?? Say it isn't so! LOL.

Claire said...

Lovely piccie - where is it at?


Terrie Farrell said...

Great pic, where was it taken?