Saturday, September 20

Daily Ramblings

Am attempting to blog daily now and it is a while since I managed a weekend post.

Very busy as it's the last day of out door cricket for SMO (inter-club game) and then he must take his dodgy knee to the docs before he starts playing indoors next month. Then we have a christening to go to tomorrow where SMO will be god-father. This leaves me with 3 children and a lot of organising to do.

Here is my portrait for the day, the Dinky Diva last weekend, just to prove I do have other children besides Himself.
I need to do something about that hair before tomorrow and the drainpipe coming out of the back of her head!

I have a dilemma, Craft Obsessions has 10% of anything in store, do I finally buy that Bind-It-All, but I am supposed to be saving for a new camera and a new house come to think of it!!

** Kate **

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Cheyne said...

What an adorable little girl!!