Over at HS:MS the prompt is 'Over'.

Reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy is asleep across Charlie Brown.

Something else that is well and truly over is my birthday but I have been remiss and not blogged my birthday club cards from JustBex. Thanks to Andrea, Paula C, Sue, Dingledel, Maura and BettyBoo.

This was my 1st sighting in the flesh of a 'Tilda' and I have to say I am more enamoured of her than I expected to be, not least of all because she has been beautifully stamped and coloured (as were all the rest!).

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Smashing cards, Kate. Lovely 'over' picture!
SuzyB said…
Such a sweet shot for over!

Happy belated birthday too!
Chris T said…
Lovely shot - love the serious expression
Aubrey Harns said…
Darling shot today!
Anonymous said…
What a super photo....a great one to scrap!
Fab birthday cards too....glad you liked the Tilda card - even though I made it Im still not sold on them lol
Debbie said…
Omg Kate that shot is just too cute!!
Cheyne said…
Too cute!!!! and growing fast!!

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