Sunday, September 28

Sunny Sunday

Some HS:MS catch-up

If you run a stick down this guy's back it makes a noise like the frogs you hear on film soundtracks which I am reliably informed are really cicadas!?!

SPS - just to prove the Supreme Commander is not a supreme grump all of the time.
SOS - This picture is exactly as I took it in the back garden (I was thrilled to find something alive and flowering!) I like the way it almost has a zoomed effect around the edges.
It's sunny outside and my plan for the day is housework - Yukk!

** Kate **


lucy said...

What a great set of photos...I think you should change your plan for the day. Housework will always be there...take the SC for a walk and enjoy the sunshine!

Diana said...

Gorgeous shots Kate.
Love Di

maz said...

Cool pics Kate. I agree with Lucy- abandon the housework...

Jeni from Kansas said...

The flower is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great photos all. Love that baby's expression!

Cheyne said...

I agree with Lucy! Enjoy every moment of the sunshine. :)

Beautiful pics.