Tuesday, September 30

Craft Day

Craft Day on QVC today so spending maximum time available on the sofa with a cuppa in hand.

Oops forgot to put on yesterday's HS:MS that it is Salisbury cathedral, tallest spire in Britain 404 feet high, all held up on what is reputed to be just 4 feet of foundations.

Today's word is 'Taut', the only thing I can find are my nerves. Had a busy evening with the kids so didn't get my projects finished, then up in the night with Himself after having a few nights where he slept through - felt like a real shock to the system! Off to a bad start this morning as I slept through my alarm and then shouted at the Small-N-Grubby one who thought it would be a good idea to wake me from a very deep sleep by gently touching my face, I nearly jumped so high I hit the ceiling.

Craft treats definitely await me today.

** Kate **

Update : the kettle is leaking from the water gauge so now not even my cuppa to accompany the crafting, quick someone pass me my credit card!!!

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