Thursday, September 18

Upside down day

Was literally up half the night with his Highness, so SMO walked the kids to school this morning with the plan that I would go back to bed as soon as Himself was dozing. It took me until 10am to get him to sleep and then we both slept through until lunchtime.

As today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Big' I just couldn't resist some new baby pics.
He certainly is getting big, but don't ask how big as being such a bad mummy I haven't been to the clinic to weigh him since he was 6 weeks old and he's officially 12 weeks old today.
And here he is being niffed by the Hairy one who feigns interest but is really trying to steal toys/look for scraps of food.
Feels like I've only been up 5 minutes and now it's time to pick up from school and get the tea on.

** Kate **


Igotmebabe said...

He is gorgeous and getting bigger :) Brilliant shots

sam said...

big big and bigger eh but so cute: )

Cheyne said...

What a cutie! And yeah, getting big!

Chris T said...

Lovely shots

Hazel said...

He is gorgeous!