Wednesday, June 25


Still Here! 4 days overdue, but a midwife will visit me on Saturday (won't hold my breath for that one).
Followed my foody plans yesterday. A homemade veggie curry to start (although it didn't do anything to help) with Tesco's gluten free garlic naan. Then the strawberries dipped in choc with a bit of cream. Not very photogenic as the fruit was a bit juicy and made the choc go clumpy and lose its sheen.

Also made myself a cake following the recipe on the bag of Dove's gluten free plain flour. Slight problem here also as didn't have 2 tins the same size. So made 1 round and 1 square with the corners chopped off.
This of course meant left over corners, so a bit of jam, whipped cram and a dusting of icing sugar et voila!

Hs:Ms - 'Educate'
To give intellectual, moral or social instruction. Find 'educate' in your space today.

Just some of he educational detritus lying around the house.
Received this English Paper Company pack in this mornings post (from a mag give away, can't remember which one).
Really lovely everyday papers some busy, some plain and have made a couple of quick cards already.
** Kate **


Bobs said...

You must be getting soooo fed-up now!

Your baking looks fabby! I can almost smell that sponge cake!

seedlings mum said...

That cake looks so yummy - I can almost taste it - I really must give up cake!

Lythan said...

glad to see you are still managing to keep busy. Can I have some cake please?

Shannon said...

Midwives are not big in the states so I am not sure what they do exactly. I hope you go in labor soon.
Great educate!
I love those papers!

Bex said...

OOh Kate where are you today?

Wondering and waiting for updates!!

Love Bex

SuzyB said...

Was just thinking that, silence - does this mean what I think it means??

Hope all is well!

Bex said...

I think it might!
I keep checking in for news :)

Love n Hugs Kate
Love Bex

Bobs said...

Well, I can think of no other good reason to keep us all hanging on!

Hope all is well, Kate!!