Aaarrgh and Grrrrrr

These are the noises I am currently making, particularly when asked how yesterday's appointment at the hospital went.

Have calmed down slightly since yesterday and it is probably a good job I didn't blog my feelings straight away. As usual we were seen by someone totally new, but we're used to that, that's why you carry your notes around. He had a badge that announced he was a "Specialist Registrar" unnervingly it didn't say what he specialised in, I suspect it was pissing off patients. The first thing the guy said was "I haven't read your notes, you'll have to tell me what's been going on".

It's like taking your car into the garage and trying to impersonate the funny noises it makes when all you need to do is switch the engine on and have a listen!

He then wrote up my careplan for the rest of my pregnancy, birth and post-birth.
Whilst I argued with him and attempted to get him to look at some of the comments other professionals had written. As far as looking at my previous pregnancy notes (which are relevant in my case) that was an absolute NO.

All I ask is to be diagnosed and treated in accordance with my own personal medical history. I am not a checklist! Is that too much to ask?

Calmed down now as I realise I will never see this guy again (and if I do I will be sure to demand a second opinion!). In the same way that he has over-ridden what all the previous quacks have written, the next person will do the same. I have decided it is a matter of timing and that only the medic there at the time of the treatment is going to make the decisions and if I kick off and ask to see my consultant - at the time - then that should be the final say.

Yesterdays HS:MS was 'Creep', unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me yesterday to take a pic of old specialist registrar. Today's word is 'Bloom' and I have combined with yesterday to take this.
It's creeping all over the back wall and strangling everything in its path as well as being about the only thing in bloom in the whole garden.

Got some crafting to do now, cards to make.

** Kate **


Rach said…
I was expecting you to post a self portrait today! Sorry about yesterday I hope you get the care that you deserve when the time comes. x
Bambi said…
nice creep/bloom (^_^)
Zoe said…
Let's hope you get someone with a bit of common sense when the time comes.

It might be a weed but I think it's very pretty x
Stefi said…
hi, shame about the "specialist" like you say its had to tell what some of the specialties are!

great pic and great way of 2 4 the price of 1!!!

chin up and hopefully you will get a doc that doesn't make your blood pressure rise next time!!! :)

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