Men at Work

Still Here! - but have spent the morning feeling quite sick and grotty, which could be a good sign. Went out for a short walk to get some air and feel fine now so that's blown that theory.

It's Portrait Saturday and here are my 'Men at Work'. Might make a good scrapbook page with lots of tools and manly embellishments on.
idn't buy anything from yesterday's 3 hours of American crafts on QVC, but thinking of treating myself to a few craft bits if I'm still here on Monday.

Finished the Fathers Day gift I have been working on (based on a project I saw in a gardening mag in the doctors waiting room).
Small-N-Grubby thought it was an apron so I decided a label was needed!
Used the good old crop-a-dile to rivet the corners and the string dispenser, it's turning into one of those tools you wonder how you managed without.

Off for a peaceful lie down whilst the kids are at cricket.

** Kate **


anita said…
i could make the exact same pic here today!!! it's so cool that you made a little father's day gift!
Kathy said…
That photo is just fab, Kate!
We've been gardening today too Hubby Dearest is getting quite carried away with this veg growing lark - quite funny as he's never done gardening before and he thinke everything should happen exactly as the seed packet says

Maybe I should make him a garden caddy wotsit like this......

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