Tuesday, June 10

Home Alone

Still Here!

But today I get to stay home all alone. Apart from the smelly hound that is. She is loving it at the moment, mummy at home all day. She follows me around like a little scruffy shadow and attempts to wag her stump when ever I look at her.
So how to capitalise on my free day.
  • Lounge in the garden with a long cool drink
  • Raid the house for chocolate and put my feet up in front of an old movie
  • Surf the web for frivolous internet shopping
  • Glue the phone to my ear and ring all the friends I haven't been able to get out to see

The options are endless, the choice overwhelming, ahh poor me.

Whilst I decide how to get the most of my last bit of leisure time here is today's HS:MS - 'Trapped'

To be captured or held with no way out. Find something 'trapped' in your space today.

This is the family wasp trapper, as used during the recent wasp invasion, here demonstrated by Rupert Bear.

## please note, no bears were hurt during the creation of this photograph ##

** Kate **


Rach said...

LOL love your trapped picture. Myself I would go for lounging in the garden eating chocolate whilst on the phone to friends!

Sue said...

you do make me laugh

have fab day xx

Bambi said...

LOL ... love the disclaimer (^_^)

Igotmebabe said...

Great shot, and glad Rupert survived without being stung:)

Chris T said...

Great shot