Monday, June 16


Still Here! So retail therapy is on the cards today.

Thought my waters had broken this morning and then immediately realised I'd been sitting in a wet garden chair - it's gonna be one of those days!

Today's picture prompt is 'Bell'.
A hollow object with the shape of a deep inverted cup.

Racked my brains over this one. Used my only bell shaped flower (aka bind weed) last week, nothing in the Disney collection (can't believe I don't have a bell). One of my sisters is often known as Bell but trying to keep in family good books at the moment so I can ask for lots of baby help, so best not.

Then I remembered the Dinky Diva was presented with a badge and certificate at church on Sunday for her hand-bell ringing.
Off to shop.

** Kate **


Rach said...

Have fun shopping! Great take on the word today. Take care x

Jolanda said...

Great thinking

Chris T said...

Interesting take - like it

Igotmebabe said...

Like your thinking, hope your not "still here" for too much longer :)

Shannon said...

No shot of Tinker BELL? Shock and horror! Retail therapy sounds good but no money so at least I am stuck cleaning.
Greath shot!

Louise said...

Lol at the wet chair, great interpretation of bell.

Anonymous said...

Linking your burst picture a bit further to the going to church thing - do you get people coming and patting or rubbing your bump?

Theres a girl at church and i was sat next to her on Sunday (she's due in August) and one of the old dears came up to her and rubbed her tummy. The poor girl didnt know what to do!