Monday, June 9

Lazy Weekend

Still Here!

Had a lovely lazy weekend, it's about all I can manage now.

Here's my SOS pic for yesterday. Still nothing blooming in my space (apart from me according to Rach, and I'm not convinced about that). Taken in mum's neighbours garden while they were away (as you do!).
Gorgeous weather means fresh air can be obtained by just sitting out in a shady spot of the garden for an hour. Not as peaceful as you might think though as I am rarely alone.

Here Small-N-Grubby is requesting 2 of something (photos I think?).
SMO found this highly amusing until they attacked him.
A picture of the Dinky Diva to prove she still exists, about the only one I got all weekend and looking very tired.
HS:MS today - 'Track'
A road beaten through the wilderness. Find a track in your space today.

Not the same sort of track as above but a plentiful supply of it in our space.
The DD has teacher training today so off to mum's later to give us something to do and get out of the house.

** Kate **


Rach said...

Gorgeous pictures of your 2 children (I won't be able to say that for much longer will I). Of course you are blooming what else could you be doing at this stage apart from being fed up of course. x

Shannon said...

Great shots! 12 days to go! Bet you are counting! I love your SOS!