Monday, June 23


Still Here! 2 days overdue and feeling frustrated and a bit low.

The rest of my parcels did come on time, I just don't see why some companies can get things out 1st class post so quickly whilst for the same price (if not more) others can't do the same.

Goodies included these yummy little baby stamps by Imaginisce for just 99p each.
I can see lots of my new baby projects using these. Here is my 1st play with them across the weekend.
It turned out to be one of those projects that make you want to give up crafting. Everything went wrong (tiredness being the main problem). I cut paper the wrong size, messy stamping and at one point I dropped the ink pad sticky side down right in the middle and had to cut out an extra layer to cover it up. I keep thinking of extra bits I could do to finish it off, but think it best not to touch it again.

Had a nice weekend getting out and pottering in the sun. There was a party in a local park yesterday with music and stalls so had an early wander around that before it got too busy.

Had Sunday dinner at mum's and took this shot of the kids. They refused to both sit still at the same time, so this was about the best I could get.
HS:MS - 'Fringe'
An ornamental edge or a natural border to hair. Find a fringe in your space today.

Not exactly a fringe. Played hairdressers at the weekend. The Dinky Diva wanted to go to bed with plaits so that her hair would be wavy the next day and this was the result.
Whilst I did that Small-N-Grubby went to work on my hair with some curlers. He announced that he was so good he would have to appear on TV.

Lastly this album came in the post this morning. Its by SEI and claims it can be completed in an hour, which is probably all the crafting time I will have in a week once the baby gets here.
QVC currently have them at half-price to clear. I plan to make a new-born scrapbook with all black and white pictures and colours of muted blue and coffee. I really don't like the colours on the specially designed baby albums that are out at the moment. I'll be adding extra bits to the kit of course, like my new stamps.

** Kate **


Bobs said...

I love your 'fringe' photograph! Also love those wee stamps. Such a bargain!

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer for the wee one to make his/her debut!

JanMary said...

Great fringe photos. We do the wacy hair from plaits here too.

I also agree with you on colours for baby pics - not keen on the sickly pastel colours on offer.

Shannon said...

Your still here. Poor thing. I never made it to my due date. With my mom though I was 2 weeks late! That was back in the 70s when they just let you be.
Great projects and shots.

Rach said...

OMG Kate what are you playing at - get a move on and have that baby for goodness sake we need to see pictures and soon!! I bet DD and S'N'G are getting fed up of waiting now too. Take care and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that he decides to make and appearance very very soon. x

Zoe said...

Poor you - at least you can craft instead of twiddling thumbs which was I did when L was 10 days over! Plans for the baby album sound gorgeous, much classier colour choice! x

Hazel said...

Great photos, Kate - and love that cute hanging - I know the feeling of crafting going wrong - but it certainly came right in the end!