Still Here! and yawn it is. Hopefully I should get my 1st parcel of cheer-up goodies today. I hope baby isn't too much longer I think I am getting more anxious each day.

HS:MS - 'Yawn'
Open one's mouth wide to inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom. Show us a yawn in your space today.

Now I'm sure I could get the dog to yawn but it would probably take me a life time to get a shot of it and when compared to Anita's 'Anatomy of a Yawn' today it would have been a waste of time (her photography is fab and little doggy very obliging). So I have reverted back to SuzyB's Disney theme and dragged Bambi out of the cabinet (looks like I woke him up too, awww, sorry).
Made this little quickie sewing project last night. Finding sewing easier than papercraft at the moment as there is a lot less mess.
Titter ye not, this is based on a gadget seen in one of the expensive baby accessory catalogues I have been sent. You attach bits to it for the baby to play with on your lap and they can't fall to the floor. SMO thinks my version is better than the shop one as theirs has noises and music built in whereas with mine you can choose whether to have noisy or quiet toys attached, who am I to argue with him. Its made from the leftovers after I shortened the sleeves of a t-shirt.
The postie has just been and no craft stuff, just bills, the foul fiend.

I wonder if what I ordered was big enough to need delivering in the parcel van??

** Kate **


Shannon said…
I thought the font looked Disney! Great shot. Great sewing project!
I love your hydrate shot from yesterday!
Kathy said…
Great pic and a clever sewing project too.
Hope your parcel arrives soon - waiting for crafty goody deliveries is never easy!
Rach said…
Love your sewing thingy, very clever. Hope you go soon - IYKWIM. x

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