Thursday, June 19


Still Here! Seeing the mid-wife this afternoon, not that I expect her to offer a crumb of hope that anything is happening.

HS:MS - 'Grid'
A framework of spaced bars crossing each other. Find a grid in your space today.
Mum's biscuits, although I do have some gluten-free baking on the go at the moment.

It turned out that my craft parcel was on the delivery van, which I missed by 30mins. SMO is picking it up from the sorting office today, so definitely should have new toys to play with this evening.

New stuff arriving prompted me to finish off a mini-book last night. Started it with all enthusiasm quite a while ago but the challenge was 4 paper pages and 2 acetate pages to fill but only 2 photos, I don't make things easy for myself.

In the end I decided to theme it around the names and sayings of the Small-N-Grubby one.
Left plenty of room to add any new musings and record them so we never forget.
Mainly all papers, chip board and letters are Zach's Life, with a few extra bits thrown in.

Off to finish the baking.

** Kate **


Jolanda said...

Great grid, fantastic biscuits! They look yummy!

Shannon said...

It is so funny because your biscuits are our cookies! Great shot!