Tuesday, June 24


Still Here!! 3 days overdue.

Decided I would try to have a more positive day today. So put my thinking cap on with thoughts about what I would do with a totally free day. No cleaning, tidying, organising for kids sports days, Brownies or swimming. But also no friends/family to visit as all busy or working.

Shopping was my #1 choice but have spent a little on the internet recently and it's too tiring to walk to the shops to look for bargains - also local market day which is hell with old biddies attached.

So choice #2 is to cook myself a lovely meal, just for me. Including a fattening and thoroughly unhealthy dessert. I will then sink into the settee in front of Wimbledon, with perhaps a touch of crafting thrown in before an afternoon nap and then a wander in the fresh air to meet the kids from school.

Today's HS:MS - 'Ripe'
Developed to the point of readiness. Show us 'ripe' in your space today.

Personally this definition is how I feel, but I think anymore pictures of my bulk are unnecessary. So instead I have these little fellows who may feature heavily in today's dessert whilst wearing chocolate overcoats.
** Kate **


Bobs said...

Yet more luscious strawberries to make my mouth water! Lovely shot. :)

Have you tried jogging round the block? Lolol

Zoe said...

More strawberries - yum!

Choice 2 sounds like a plan to me - enjoy!

JanMary said...

Lovely shot. Chocolate and strawberries - heavenly!

etteY said...

love this!! :D

Louise said...

hope you're not hanging on too much longer. love your shot.