Friday, June 13

Reach for the stars............

.............climb every mountain high and reach for the stars.
Still Here! and finally losing it!?!?!

HS:MS - 'Reach'
To stretch out in order to feel or touch something.

Proving that she most definitely can reach, little devil.
Fathers Day on Sunday, which I have still not done anything about. So a quick layout for SMO.
Lifted from one seen on Nancy Hill's QVC show last night (although I missed what had happened to Nancy? Perhaps her replacement had won a competition 'You could be Nancy!'. ). All DCWV stuff apart from the ribbon and letters.

Off to mum's to wash my hair as our shower is broken and the only way to wash hair is leaning over the bath and my bump won't let me.

** Kate **


Shannon said...

I remember those bump issues! Just think a few more days! Great layout!
My little dog can jump like you would not believe!

*kim* said...

what a cutie!!!! Hope she got it in the end! ;)

Kathy said...

Lovely LO Katw - what a fabby photot that is they look as if they're having such fun

Deanne said...

brilliant reach - my puppy wont sit still for a piccy at all!! lol