Wednesday, June 11


Still Here!

HS:MS - 'Burst'
To break apart suddenly emptying contents. Show us 'burst' in your space.

My 1st thought was this.
Of course I shall have to eat them now, which made me think of this.
Off to see the midwife today, hoping to pop into a couple of nearby shops when I get to town, but will have to see how the walk goes. It's not far but as soon as I start walking my stomach muscles seem to rebel. It's clouding over too ready for a downpour just as I need to leave. Come on sun.

** Kate **


Chris T said...

nice idea. Like both photos - hope you're not too uncomfortable!

Bambi said...

wonderful (^_^)

maz said...

Oh my goodness not long now. Are you ready?

Rach said...

Hope you made it there - and back of course. Looks like it's very nearly cooked to me. x

Stefi said...

hi, 2 great burst pic, everyone has had some fab takes today!!! need to find mine!!! :)