Tuesday, June 17


Still Here! I could get very bored of this.

Retail therapy went well yesterday, spent most of my time trawling through the summer sales sections of my fav crafty outlets. Hopefully some bargains will start arriving soon. 3 things I just couldn't find :
  1. A congratulations stamp, preferably in a cheap little acrylic set.
  2. A scalloped circle die.
  3. A Fiskars threading water border punch (but lack of those was to be expected!

Any ideas?

Hs:Ms - 'Hydrate'

To fill or absorb with water.

This is the outside tap with the hose wrapped around an old car wheel as my ex was to cheap to buy a nice hose real. I suppose it's lasted, which is more than he did!!

Had a go at some bright cards last night using a kit free with a mag.

Still not convinced if the acid brights are for me.

** Kate **


angie said...

The wheel is fab recycling though!! Great shot :o)

Hazel said...

Love the bright cards and your HS:MS photo is great (I must get back into the habit!)

Rach said...

LOL at the wheel. I love those cards. x

Di said...

Great wheel, hydrate photo. Ha! Beautifully done cards too. Good luck with the imminent (sp?) birth! x

Edie van den Ordel said...

love the wheel idea. If you dont like it, you can always paint the wheel to make it something different? Love the photo! Great take on the challenge