Thursday, June 12

Drip, drip, drop, little April showers

Still Here! and likely to be for some time I think, absolutely nothing happening.

All was very well with the midwife yesterday. But both shops that I'd been looking forward to visiting didn't have what I wanted - very disappointing. I feel internet orders coming on.

Today's blog entry was inspired by the word of the day at HS:MS and the title of the medal dance the Dinky Diva is performing at ballet this term. Of course I do know it's June not April! I don't know if the dance is to the Disney music or not but it is called April Showers. Small-N-Grubby is trying out for his 1st ballet medal to the tune of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Apparently they are dressing him up as a little elf with a cockleshell hat. Please don't let me forget my camera that day!!!

Back to HS:MS - 'Drip'
To let small drops of liquid fall. Show us 'drip' in your space today.

All dripping taps currently fixed, about to have a downpour but nothing yet, so I have had to improvise and create my own pet drip, he is called Harold. Having an easy day today, catching up with a few bits around the house and hopefully getting on with a couple of sewing projects. Might have a visitor popping in later, which will be nice, adult company/conversation. No whining at me all the time about wanting food and being bored - at least I don't think she will whine at me!

** Kate **

Forgot to add that there's 3 hours of American crafts on QVC tomorrow, but Anna Griffin and Nancy Hill both have shows tonight as well. Hide the credit card, I'm going to be watching.


Bambi said...

wonderful drip!

Shannon said...

Girl you crack me up! I remember doing housework before labor! They say doing the nasty works to help things along but not sure as I have never tested it.
Great shot! I should have do it that way instead of trying to control water flow out of my faucet.

*kim* said...

cool drip!