Friday, June 20


Still Here! and the earliest date for medical intervention is 3 July!! Think I will have to start on the old wives remedies.

HS:MS - 'Lamp'
A device for giving light. Show us a lamp in your space today. Stopped in at the post office on the way to see the midwife (all perfectly OK). It's my local Do Crafts store and there was a 25% off sale on certain lines so took advantage and treated myself to even more stuff. SMO picked up my parcel from the sorting office too, so I had plenty of new stash to stroke.

Made a really quick 6x6 page with some of the products. The lollipop flowers were in a party bag she brought home and shared with me.
I think I may add some journaling to explain that this is the Dinky Diva's favorite dress and is now so small she has to wear it as a t-shirt.

Postie has arrived today with nothing but junk mail. If the rest of my order isn't here by tomorrow morning I doubt if I will use that supplier again especially when there are others that get the stuff out far more promptly - Craft Obsessions great service as always.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Lovely little LO - glad you treated yourself. Everyday I find you are 'still here'! It can't be loooonnnnggg now!!

Rach said...

Don't try the castor oil it doesn't work and it is dis gus ting!!! I was in slow labour with Kyle (for 2 long weeks) and I tried everything curry, sex, hot baths a hot jacuzzi the lot and he still came when he wanted to which just happened to be the MIL birthday.

Lythan said...

That layout is super cute! Waiting for baby... I remember those days! Still this is a good time of year to be born - almost exactly half way from Christmas!
Take care of yourself and enjoy the last little bit of crafting time for now!

Igotmebabe said...

Great lamp shot, all the waiting will be worth it :)

SuzyB said...

Shame you arent local to Manchester Kate - you could have come to the meet up and had hot hot curry with us!

Hope to read some good news soon! x