Curiouser and curiouser

Eager to know or learn. Find 'curious' in your space today.

This picture is from a good few years ago but couldn't resist using it today.
Here is the sheep himself as he is today, sadly the dog is no longer with us and as the sheep does not smell like food the current dog is utterly uninterested in it.
Quiet evening for crafting last night after the day rushing around. Found a couple of stamped and embossed panels I hadn't used and made up a couple of quick Christmas cards.
The silver pearl embossing isn't really picked up on the photo so here it is in more detail.
Another busy afternoon/evening today. There's no-one to sit for Small-N-Grubby this afternoon so I will be taking him with me to collect his sister from school, this could mean getting the pushchair out!! Then after tea the Dinky Diva is off to her first Brownie meeting (provided she isn't too divaish from her school trip today).

Sat at my computer I can see a robin twittering at the top of a buddleia bush. I think I could quite happily sit here all day.
** Kate **


Rach said…
Fab piccie - cute!
Bobs said…
Cute doggie! I love the sheep with the googly eyes!!
Hazel said…
What a cute 'curious'!
Montysmum said…
hehe how funny is that sheep!
Shannon said…
the sheep is great. Sorry about the dogdie no longer with you.
Charli said…
Love Shaun the sheep - we have him at our house too! Fab pics!
Terry said…
Great take on curious. Lovely
Leigh said…
cute doggy and lovely cards.
Pam said…
cute photo.
I like your card from yesterday - isn't the periphery BG the most beautiful stuff?!
Anonymous said…
ROFL oh what an excellent photo I just love it :)

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