Happy Birthday Kathy

A late one from me today as I've been at a church family fun day all morning. As well as managing to nip out and do some craft shopping, I have spent most of my time in the church garden under the pretence that I was watching the children. Actually I have been sat in the sun reading a craft magazine, the red arrows even flew over at one point, hows that for an idyllic morning!

SPS #4 over on HS:MS today, as I have been a bit on the busy side and my camera battery is dead (hence no pics of red arrows :( I have cheated a bit and have had a digi play with one from a couple of weeks ago.Kathy (see Kathy's Waffle on the right) set a birthday card challenge - 3 flowers, 3 ribbons, 3 patterned papers. Here's mine with 3 hearts as an added extraHappy Birthday Kathy (you realise I didn't get Friday's DCM card done because of this, will have to blog it tomorrow!).

Also late this morning as I have been distracted by Play Blogger you can just watch all the photos being uploaded to blogs, fascinating. Also are everyone's blog instructions in German today? (or is it Dutch)??

** Kate **


Terry said…
I love your SPS, I love black & white pictures. I just the Play Blogger a minute ago, am going to read all aboutit later.
Yes I agree Johnny Depp is fantastic, I have posted a picture of him on that post.
Have a good day
Bobs said…
That's a gorgeous SP! I love it.

Yes, my blogger has got a different language too. It's been like this since yesterday. Must be a gremlin in the works somewhere! lol
Hazel said…
What a beautiful photo! Another one here with parts of blogger changed language - strange!
Louise said…
a lovely sps, such a nice relaxed photo:) and I love the card.
Sue Nicholson said…
Great sp. You have such lovely skin and eyes and hair and ...... :)

So glad you mentioned blogger . . . wasn't sure if it had always been like that and I just hadn't noticed before!! Don't laugh these sort of things have happened to me in the past

Love your card

Diana said…
Lovely SP You look really glam,
Kathy said…
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, what a fabby card! I'm having such a lovely time checking out all these gorgeous cards so thanks for joining in with my birthday "party"

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