Monday, September 17

Just the 4 of Us

Hs:Ms - today's word is us.

This photo wasn't taken by me and it's not today, but its definitely US.
Didn't get quite as much made at the out-laws yesterday as I had anticipated. The children had got the table tennis bug at the fun day on Saturday and so we took a set with us. Table tennis championships after lunch interfered with my crafting!!

Here's what I did make.
A bracelet for me to wear to a wedding (my dress has orange flowers on it), a couple more bits of men's jewellery (the cross is a bit David Gest!) and a pendant to replace one I have sold from the shop.

Came home quite shattered and had to go to my mum's to pick up a bed guard as Small-N-Grubby has taken to falling off the bottom bunk in the night. By the time I had fitted that I was just too tired to craft, so I am starting Monday morning already on catch-up!

** Kate **


Bobs said...

I love your jewellery! I had a quick look in your shop, but will go back later (I'm at work just now!).

Great picture for today - I love that multi-colured outfit!

Jolanda said...

Great picture for the take. Love the jewelry.

Sue Nicholson said...

These family photos are so rare aren't they? This is smashing :)

I think you are bring out another creative side of me! Know i have new nuckles i should be able to use pliers to make some bracelets :) AND I could take some bits on holiday to start me off . . . oh I like this . . .very much :)


The photos do make Sarah look older than in the flesh BUT I have to be very very careful about what she wears as she can easily pass for a young sixteen when "made up".

Andrea said...

Great jewellery love the cross

Hazel said...

Love the jewellery and the 'us' photo

Anne said...

I was admiring that jewellery till you mentioned David Gest and it made me laugh out loud!! It is great though!

Brilliant family pic - you look great!

Joy said...

Lovely family photo! We rarely have one of us all together too.

Those pieces are beautiful!

SuzyB said...

Lovely group photo, definitely a rarity in my family, one that I need to rememdyx

Rachael said...

Great shot Kete and I love the jewellery as usual. x

Pam said...

Nice shot of the 4 of you. Now that mine are grown it's really rare to get us together. Love the jewelry - especially the bracelet with the pearls. And I had to chuckle at your tweezer photo.

Angela said...

Great shots!