Paper Piecing

I'm really loving cards (and scrapbook embellishments) made from paper piecing at the moment. But before I show you last nights creations.

A container from which eases the pouring of liquid. Show us your jugs! A-hem.

Hmmm me thinks Anita away and Kirsty in charge!

My gran always had shaped crockery, a flower bowl with a bee on it and those pots in the shape of onions. When I saw this jug at a car boot sale it reminded me of her crockery and I couldn't resist it.
DCM little extra

Cars, Boats, Trains & Planes is the theme for our Little Extra challenge this week.

I have a feeling I have seen a card similar to this in a magazine and that is where it popped into my mind from! I also have to credit the queen of paper piecing Jo, whose ideas are always an inspiration.
SMO's birthday coming up (I'm convinced he doesn't look at my blog so it's OK to share), so another paper pieced project. This time inspired by Leigh.
Really enjoyed making both those cards and think tonight's project might have to be a paper pieced snowman.

** Kate **

P.S. The sponge yesterday is a photo of Fiskars new Stamp press. Clear stamps attach to a plate, you position the press over the area to be stamped (using a grid to line up perfectly), then press down to compress the sponges and print. Perfect for mass production of wedding invites or Christmas cards.


Bobs said…
That's a gorgeous jug! I love shaped pottery too, but I don't actually own any.

Thanks for the explanation about your sponge yesterday!
Nickynoo said…
I love your cute car card!
Kathy said…
Love the Good Luck card - it's perfect for the midweek Little Extra

As for that monkey - well there's something in that facial expression that reminds me of certain nieces and nephews of mine! hmmmm
Andrea said…
Fab cards they are so cute
Shannon said…
I love your jug looks like something I would collect.
Leigh said…
Both fab cards Kate, love the monkey.
Paula said…
Fab little good luck card.
I made a passed your driving test card, it was a car number plate but I forgot to take a photo before rushing it into work!!!
Sue Nicholson said…
Oh yes I understand completely about the crockery. My Gran also had a cabinet with all sort of little ornaments and treasured crockery in it. As a child I adored it.

Great jug shot. Brought back many memories.

Fabulous cards. Haven't done paper piecing in ages and forgotten how fab it looks.

Hazel said…
Cute cards. The jug is super - reminds you that my Nan used to have a teapot that looked like a cottage.
Joy said…
What an interesting jug!
Juliet said…
Lovely cards - love the cute monkey!
Louise said…
love the fancy jug. Your cardes are wicked, thanks for sharing:)
Saffa said…
OOh how cute the cards are....loving them!

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