Sunday, September 30

Wedding Update

Thanks for all the lovely comments over the past few days and yes we had a really great day. This was helped, in no small part, by the relaxed and happy mood of the bride and groom. It set the atmosphere for everyone else to kick back and enjoy themselves.

Here is my show off Sunday for HS:MS.
These 2 were the most perfect of children (even if I do say so myself), behaving when they needed to but running around and having a ball the rest of the time.

The weather cleared just at the right time and we were able to have photos outside before and after the ceremony, which for the end of September I think they were blessed! Checked with the bride and groom that I could use some photos, hope it's OK with the rest of the bridal party!

Here are the groomsmen - groom, two ushers, two best men and a pageboy/ring bearer. Yes they entrusted my 4 year old with the wedding rings. He did a great job and even managed to make the stern faced registrar to crack a smile.
Here's the bridesmaids. The dresses were a beautiful french navy and had a much brighter sheen to them than these photos show.
And here's the bride with her attendants. In a full length cream/off-white dress with sequins and crystals on the bodice set off perfectly with a 3/4 length lace jacket.
This one's the bride and groom cutting the cake. There was no natural light in the marriage room or reception hall so I switched to my old 35mm camera for most of the post marriage photos. Luckily I only decided to bring a 2nd camera at the last minute when I discovered that the battery was still working! So it will be a few days until I can scan some of those on.
The reception had been well thought out. The groom is a big quiz fan and whilst we waited for our turn at the buffet his friends had organised a table quiz. Each child had a bag or parcel of presents containing activity books, pencils and toys. There was plenty of room in the venue to move around, kids had space to charge up and down with cars and balloons and a fantastic time really was had by all.
Need to take a few photos today, I always end up with the end of a 35mm reel needing to be finished off! Off to catch up with some of my family this afternoon, then it's tidying up, suits back to hirer's and dry cleaning to sort out.

** Kate **


Bobs said...

OOooooh - I love weddings! The little 'uns look fabby! You must have been so proud of them. Love the piccies!

Andrea said...

Wonderful pics

Hazel said...

Gorgeous pictures - glad it was such a good time. Your children look adorable - a proud day!

Angela said...

Oh, how gorgeous!

Flossie's Follies said...

Great photos, glad everyone had a good time

Rhi said...

Such lovely pictures! Aww I love a good wedding :)