Tuesday, December 22

Catching up with Christmas

Branston is still a little bit poorly but apart from that we are all fine. SMO has taken the older 2 to his parents for the day whilst Branston and I catch-up with Christmas.

Lots of wrapping, sorting and organising to do.

Managed to finish a little spy kit to pop under the tree for Small-N-Grubby.
Made from Little Yellow Bicycle, Zach's life papers following a pattern I had for a stationery wallet.

The tree is up and hanging from it are a couple of decorations I forgot about.
Made using a Cuttlebug die but instead of embossing with the folder that matched the die, I've used another snowy folder instead and then added a bit of glitter.
Snow is quite light here and seems to be melting fast. Good as I need to get out and do a couple of things, bad as nothing to take pictures of.

** Kate **