Monday, December 7

Dinky Diva Musings

Some picture of the lovely Dinky Diva today which I know friends and family will want to see.

Firstly, playing the hand bells at Waitrose yesterday.
She informs us that she is not unhappy, just concentrating! I have to say some of the faces pulled by the adults when they are ringing is entertainment in itself.

Then today is evacuee day at school.
She says she will be coming home later and that she isn't really being sent anywhere.

Going to be braving the elements myself later. It's Harry Potter DVD day today.

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

She is really growing up, Kate!!

Janice said...

Good to see her concentrating so hard. Bell ringing is really difficult, well done Dinky Diva!

My DH's grandmother had evacuees on our farm during the war. Many of them came back for years to visit her.