Thursday, December 3

Back on!

Yep the electric is restored and the sun is out. Spent an exhausting day yesterday Christmas Shopping in torrential rain. We only visited 2 shops but we (me, my sister and Branston) got drenched every time we got in and out of the car.

Not a whiff of an advent calendar to be seen, we just won't mention that.

Had planned to go out for lunch but that went by the wayside when we became trapped in Tesco's car park due to flooding. We had to queue for 25 minutes to get out as the exit/entrance had become just one lane.

Leaves me with only a handful of things to buy (other than Christmas food). Might crack on and get that over with today!

** Kate **


Janice said...

Well done on the shopping. Doesn't sound like much fun.

Paula said...

We had a (not notified of) 16 hour power cut on Tuesday. You have my sympathy!!