Friday, December 18

Teacher's Pressies

Last day of school today and for a while we thought it might be cancelled. But the snow didn't come over this far west and although it's cold and icy it's business as usual.

Had all the bits ready to make something for Small-N-Grubby's teachers just needed to get them put together. The idea is taken from the July 09 issue of Craft Stamper, it's taken me this long to find the wrist bands to put inside.
Thought that looked very girly so moved to a more boyish theme for the sticker jar.
The Dinky Diva just took some biscuits, probably in the hope that they would get shared out!

My poorly bunny was super cute yesterday and fell asleep on the sofa.
Although tired, he wasn't ill again all day so we took him out for a bit of air to drop SMO and Small-N-Grubby off with the Beavers at a lantern festival.

100s of people have been making lanterns ready for this annual spectacle. There was one set-back thought, it was freezing. As usual these things never start on time and waiting in sub-zero temperatures was all a bit much.

I stayed for the start with the Dinky Diva and Branston (who was very snug in the pushchair) but in the end we left before they moved off.

Here is the scout sign getting ready to lead off our group.
I think this little blurred figure is Small-N-Grubby!
The Art Centre is lit in purple this year and looks fab.
And this is a giant Rudolf.
Very blurred but gives a nice effect, not sure who was shaking most me or the person holding it. I had planned to take the SLR and make a photo shoot of it but in the end a few snaps with the compact and then off home to get Branston in the warm.

** Kate **

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