Musings on a Monday

Well more a report about the weekend really. Another really busy one with clashes and trying to be in 3 places at once. Although we have a lot on still, I think this was our busiest weekend with 4 parties and 3 rehearsals! I guess that's just what happens when you have 3 kids.

Edited highlights :

Branston busting some shapes in the bubbles at the toddler party. Father Christmas brought him a book which he was rather keen on. Later a neon disco for the older ones. I think it's OK to use this photo as you can't really see any faces.Got carried away taking random pictures of blurred lights and colours.

Here's a one of the Dinky Diva in her neon gear with fake snow on her head.Small-N-Grubby was there too but alas no photo. He just moves too fast. Shame, as he looked very fetching in a Fame style head band and neon gloves.

Finished the Christmas cards, as planned, and got writing them during Sunday's rehearsals. Even felt compelled to make a shaker card with the left over frame from a scalloped circle, haven't made one of those in ages!A few more still to write and post.

** Kate **


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