Yes I did do a bit, mainly clearing stuff away as we still don't have enough space in our bedroom for the crib! Amazing how the spaces fill straight back up with things you just need somewhere to temporarily put.

SMO has decided to play cricket today (there was no scheduled match yesterday), so we will tackle some more furniture moving tomorrow. He's gone to collect the Dinky Diva now and Small-N-Grubby is sat in his nightie perfecting some sort of 3 cup magic trick.

I noticed this flag iris out in the garden yesterday next to the fountain when I was taking SPS shots and so I thought I would share for SOS.
The colour is such a deep purple and I love the furry bits inside the petals.
I must just clarify when I say fountain I mean a non-working plastic effort left over from 1st husband, as opposed to something worthy of the Palace of Versailles. The weeds have gone wild and pulled the pump under and their tentacles are starting to creep out over the edges at ankle height.

Off to mum's for a big family tea later, might head over there early if the kids are wearing me down (i.e. fighting, bickering, screaming). S-N-G has been missing the DD terribly and it will be pot luck if she comes back and wants to play with him or is just tired and ratty.

** Kate **


Bambi said…
Hazel said…
Beautiful vibrant colour - great shots. Enjoy your family tea.
Rach said…
Gorgeous flower, hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. x

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