Friday, May 2

No Strings Attached

HS:MS - Strings.
A slender cord or thick thread used for binding, tying or playing. Have you got strings?

I know where we have a lovely little puppet with strings but I can't reach it in my present condition. I'm highly strung if that helps!

Not long ago I transferred a Ukulele to mum's for storage so I will get a pic of that for this afternoon.

In the meantime I promised to scan in my latest baby photo so here it is.
It's a great cute pic and I was chuffed when she printed it off for me, I hope I expressed my gratitude but I was feeling so blurgh at the time!

Can't really afford (or need) to be buying craft stuff at the moment but that hasn't stopped me. Lakeland have announced that from July they will discontinue their separate craft catalogue and just carry 'essentials' as part of one of their other publications. The website states on some items that they won't be continuing. Well information like that leaves you no option but to stock up, doesn't it? I've bought some card blanks, bags and cutting blades as well as some bits for my Xyron Personal Cutter.

Also it's craft day coming up on QVC on Wednesday and the TSV is from DCWV one of my favorite suppliers so that's not going to take much arm twisting.

Off to lounge at mum's and tell her all my news from yesterday.

** Kate **


Rach said...

Love the glasses shot from yesterday and the scan picture is just fantastic. x

Anonymous said...

How exciting! A new darling to love, and photograph, and scrap about, and...
So happy for you - just found, and love, your blog. I need to check out your scrap pages more closely soon!

Shannon said...

Well, since you can't reach in your current condition we'll let you by. lol
I remember those days. Glad I am never doing them again though.
Stay off you feet and keep looking itno those craft catalogs.