Thursday, May 15

What's up Doc?

Kirsty and Anita are taking a break from HS:MS for a couple of weeks and SuzyB has stepped into the breach once more. The theme is Disney, to either take a straight forward snap of the character or think of something more lateral.

Today's word is Doc. Those that know me well know that I am a Disney fanatic, although time and money do not permit me to indulge my inner child as much as I used to. I will reveal some of my vast Disney collection as the weeks progress, but for now I couldn't resist this!
If you have been pregnant you will know that you don't attend any doctor/midwife/hospital appointments without one of these in tow (a full one, of course). If you turn up without one (despite never being asked to bring one in, I might add) the witchy nurses will scold you.

Incidentally, I was at the midwife's yesterday and all is very well.

Decided to get all my card making needs for the next couple of months out of the way. As time is scarce I pulled out a kit where the cards are packaged in little bundles with all the papers and embellishments included. Couldn't bear to make them up without a few personal touches (although I made up a handful for emergencies). Concentrated on birthdays and will share some when the dates have passed, meanwhile here are a couple of extras I made up.
Weddings and anniversaries to do next.

Having a quiet day today as I'm worn out. SMO has been out ever night this week and I'm looking forward to the extra pair of hands to help with the kids tonight. After all, look at the Ticker counter, 37 days! A friend with a van has promised to call round tonight or tomorrow to clear some of the debris from the garden (our old bed is still sat out there), so fingers crossed that gets done now that the scorching weather has turned dull and rainy!! SMO is nursing an injury from cricket last night where a ball hit his knee. He's walking with a limp and acting like nothing is wrong.

** Kate **


pokettiger said...

LOL - very clever photo for today's word. I might have been tempted to put some yellow colored water in it just for kicks.

Igotmebabe said...

Hope you managed the sample ok:) great doc

Rach said...

Glad you took it empty!! My other half has to fill a huge one every other month to take to the Docs there's no hiding it in your handbag either. x

Aubrey Harns said...

Funny picture! I remember those days (not funny)!

Louise said...

Lol at Rach! I remember them - was never very good at aiming yuk!