Monday, May 12

It's a BOY

Yep, after waiting an age for SMO to finally tell his mother I can officially announce that the new baby will (with 99.9% certainty) be a boy. To be more precise a boy with no name, we had a girl's one all picked out and sorted. A blog name will also be needed so I shall have to get my thinking cap on.

HS:MS - Lines
A mark or stroked shape - long in proportion to it's breadth. Find your lines.
This is stair/stare cat, he lives on our stairs and stares.............. a lot.
Fab weather at the moment. Getting up to date with all the washing, boring I know but it's nice to not have it all hanging around the house.

Saturday was a bit of a strain with SMO out most of the day at cricket. Will need to be more prepared next weekend and make sure I have nothing to do but run around after the kids as I had little energy left for anything else.

Sunday, SMO took them Swimming in the morning and they went to the out-laws for the afternoon. Got a the last bit of shopping done in town - Thorntons had sold out of ice cream, someone needs to be for the high-jump there! Did have a look at new cameras though, definitely a Nikon but which one?
Lazed the afternoon away whilst SMO did some long needed tidying of the garden.

Lovely again today but I have promised to make my main priority clearing away the heaps of clean washing - oh what a thrilling life I lead!

** Kate **


Bambi said...

cool lines!

Diana said...

Great lines but oops what is SMO???
Love Di

Di said...

Great lines. Love them. Congrats on the baby boy! And I'm with you on the washing thing! x

SuzyB said...

Smashing boy news - congratulations! xx

MommyBa said...

I love the lines!

Congratulations on the baby boy!!!!

Shannon said...

Congrats on the "unbaked bun" boy!
Nice lines, but I think he would freak me out a bit!

Rach said...

Woo Hoo another boy! There's nothing like a bit of brother on brother competition believe me. x

seedlings mum said...

Congrats on the BB but that stair/stare cat has a scary mouth!