Saturday, May 3

Where do the hours go

Never got around to posting the ukulele pic yesterday. The hours in the day seem to rush by so quickly yet at night they drag and drag. I can always relax and get to sleep in the day too, but not at night. Anyhoo here is the instrument, complete with grubby little peoples finger marks on it's shiny purple surface.
Self Portrait Saturday today so I attempted to record my bulk for posterity (and a bit of scrapping). This is me catching a few early morning rays whilst doing a very good impersonation of a beached whale.
I'm so lucky to have my mum living nearby, she's been such a help with the children whilst I've been ill and during the last week of the school hols she had them for at least some of the time every day. Whilst there they worked on some fab projects using very big boxes (the luxury of space!). The Dinky Diva made a spaceship. Here she is making an undignified entrance.
And here she's inside, you can see some fingers poking out on the top right.
Small-N-Grubby made a fire engine complete with a digger/snow plough attachment at the front.
And a close-up of him inside.
They couldn't wait to get over to mum's each day and work on their projects, amazing how little minds have been captivated by piles of rubbish and imaginations have created these fab machines.

Today the DD has gone to a birthday party with sleepover so we won't see her again until tomorrow. One of the setbacks of feeling better is I plan to do housework for the rest of the day while my boys have boy time and go out to play!

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Wow! such great models - well done, kids! You are looking good, Kate (not a beached whale, more a rose in full bloom!). Great strings photo. Take care - and don't overdo the housework!

Bambi said...

great photos!

Rach said...

HOUSEWORK!?!? What are you playing at woman you should be sitting back and relaxing and maybe doing a bit of crafting. You look fantastic by the way. x